Rancho Cucamonga Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Rancho Cucamonga

Every year, half a million people are interested in improving the appearance of their nose. Some are unhappy with the noses they were born with, and some with the way aging has changed their nose. For others, an injury may have distorted the nose, or the goal may be improved breathing. But one thing is clear: nothing has a greater impact on how a person looks than the size and shape of the nose. Because the nose is the most defining characteristic of the face, a slight alteration can greatly improve one’s appearance.
Is Rhinoplasty For You?
Skin type, ethnic background, and age are important factors to be considered in discussions with Dr. Majmundar prior to surgery. Before the nose is altered, a young patient must reach full growth, usually around age fifteen or sixteen. As we age, the nasal tip tends to droop, the tip widens, and the hump on the nose enlarges which can affect not only appearance but also breathing.
Before deciding on rhinoplasty, ask if any additional surgery might be recommended to enhance the appearance of your face. Many patients have chin augmentation or eyelid surgery in conjunction with rhinoplasty to create a better balance of features.
Making The Decision For Rhinoplasty
Whether the surgery is desired for functional or cosmetic reasons, your choice of a qualified facial plastic surgeon is of paramount importance. Dr. Majmundar is board certified and is trained in ear, nose, and throat surgery as well as facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, which provides you, the patient, with the highest level of training and expertise. Dr. Majmundar will examine the structure of your nose, both externally and internally, to evaluate what you can expect from rhinoplasty. You are most likely to be pleased with the results of your surgery if you have a realistic idea of what nasal surgery can and cannot do. We perform all of our surgeries in accredited outpatient surgery centers and we only use board certified MD anesthesiologists for your safety.
Understanding The Surgery
The incisions are made inside the nose so there are no scars on the face. Dr. Majmundar is one of a few surgeons in Georgia who performs his rhinoplasties using this approach (No Scar Rhinoplasty). In rare cases, an incision is made in the area of skin separating the nostrils. Next, certain amounts of underlying bone and cartilage are removed, added to, or supported to provide a newly shaped structure. The tissues are then redraped over the new frame and the incisions are closed. A splint is applied to the outside of the nose to help retain the new shape while the nose heals.
What To Expect After The Surgery
In the immediate days following surgery, you may experience bruising and minor swelling in the eye area. Cold compresses and keeping the head elevated often reduce the swelling, bruising and discomfort. The nasal splint is removed at seven days at which time you will see your new nose. Recovery, on average, varies from 7 -10 days.